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Our Story

Sweet Tomato healthy eatery & catering is a compilation of many dreams; a passion for food & art and a venue for student artwork. Founded in 2004 and conceptualized for years our mission is:

Patrons of Sweet Tomato healthy eatery & catering , know Tina Mazzarella as the warm, engaging and energetic restauranteur who has infused the Locust Valley-Glen Cove dining scene with delicious healthy cuisine
I love to cook. The kitchen is my favorite room in my house, and where I can usually be found, dusted in flour, trying out a new recipe.
When I’m not cooking, reading about food, or thinking about food, I enjoy reading, writing, playing Scrabble and spending time with my eight grandchildren.

Offering a venue for students to express themselves thru art is also an integral part of who we are. …We invite art departments from the local half dozen private and public schools to showcase their artwork for a month at a time. We have an “Art Opening” party for the participants and families to thank them and look forward to each and every group display. Our benches have begun to be painted by the students. You’ll see pictures of them throughout the site. We are very proud of the student’s work.

displayed at Glen Cove store 2009 Portledge School art Show.

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